The DIBY Club’s Julianne top

Are you familiar with the DIBY Club aka The Do It Better Yourself Club? If not, you need to head on over to Facebook and get yourself added to this amazing group! This group is full of people who do all things DIY and is a great go-to for any help you may need in the in that department, I’ll post a direct link to the group at the end of this post!

Today I get to tell you all about the awesome flannel dress I made during testing for the Julianne Top by the DIBY Club! (You can find the pattern here, just use my affiliate link: Julianne pattern )  This garment can be made so many different ways, but I had my eyes set on the half placket with a drawstring waist!

Here’s a few ways it can be made: top/tunic/dress (yup that’s right, it comes in all these styles.. and that’s not even all of them! Say what, say huh?!?!).  These types of tops never fit me quite right.  I have to get them so big because of my bless-ed chest (GRR) and they just never look good *inset sigh here*. One of the main reasons why I LOVE sewing is because I get a garment that is custom made to my body and not whatever standard size the hanger says. Yay! By the way, there were some other pretty amazing testers that made other versions, you can see all the different styles at the DIBY Club round up for the Julianne. Here’s the link for those: Julianne tester album

I’m so excited about all the new sewing skills The DIBY Club taught me through this testing and can’t wait to share that knowledge with YOU. We are going to go through this together so you know you can attempt to do something you’ve never done before and get through it too! So let’s get to the actual details of sewing this baby up.


This my friends is The Julianne! I tested… and when I say tested I mean I learned and helped The DIBY Club find all the things one could do wrong with this pattern LOL! A lot of the techniques this pattern requires were a first for me during this testing and the best thing about it is, The DIBY CLub is an amazing community that comes together to help you when you are stuck. So this dress up there, even though I didn’t think I could get through it, I did and I’m so in love with the end product. This was my first button up anything, this here is called a placket. A placket can be made in full or half lengths and I chose a half placket.. These were my steps.

Look how pretty that is! There definitely was a lot of ironing going on during this job. BTW ironing is very IMPORTANT when sewing with woven fabrics. I also figured out how to use that pesky buttonhole foot that came with my sewing machine too! I used to avoid buttonholes but Kelly (Co-Owner of The DIBY Club) has a video that walks you step by step and I just went for it. They actual line up, oh yeah! So if you don’t know me, I’m sure by now you can tell I’m a goof ball. Ok so that’s the top portion of my dress, also known as the bodice (see you’re learning). The part I didn’t photograph was the drawstring casing, which now that I think of it I’m not sure why I didn’t? Oh well, on to the next step.

Alright this one is short and about wraps up my dress, the 3/4 sleeve with the fold-over tab! EEK! I love tops that I have that has this feature, but never did I think it was such an easy process! These pictures were taken prior to adding the cuff which is why it looks so short but again.. look how pretty it is!!

Alright dearies, that’s about it! I accomplished something I thought was going to be very hard. I did stumble along the way a few times, but I got lots of help from some pretty amazing people who take time from their busy days to chime in and get you through it. Oh yeah, remember that link I promised? Here it is, The DIBY Club go get yourself added to the group and become a DIY extraordinaire.

Should you find yourself wanting to sew this bad boy up yourself hop on over here: The Julianne round up to get all the release info which include sales, hacks and features of this pattern. they already have some add-ons which include a fold over collar and a lined hood. Oh my I almost forgot to mention, the amazing Jessica and Kelly are giving away a pattern and plaid fabric to 5 random members! Be sure to follow in the group for their official release post to get more details on how you can enter to win! Thank you so much for joining me, happy sewing! ❤ Bex

P.S., if you’d like to read up on some of the other testers view on this you can find the blog tour below. On this tour you’ll be on a journey through the versions they created, and they are pretty amazing!

The Julianne Blog Tour Schedule

November 3rd – Sewing With Sarah | Bellephant
November 4th – Very Blissful | Stitched by Jennie
November 5th – Styling With Christina | Mermaid Mama Designs | Diskordias Curvy Sewing
November 6th – Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Bex Textiles | Love Made Handmade



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